(In The Works)

– Ftop fix
– Page 2 GUI for /kitsĀ 
– Strike practice auto inventory clear / auto spawning back to spawn / spawn items for queues coming in inv / everything that doesnt just leave the bot & the queues for players to get on without factions being messed
– Nether Random Teleport fix

(Whats to come)

New – Monthly Crates
New – Gkits Shop Prices
– Buff Monthly Kits

(Previous changes)
Clearlag back in without fly issues
Permission issues not loading
Permissions not set
BuycraftGUI cache broken (custom made new one)
Renaming of explosive picks / wands etc
World border fix
Monthly crates bugs fixed
Epicspawners new version
Epicspawners fix
Player vaults fix
Store change
Store Price fix

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